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Lake Elmo, MN Plumbing

It’s generally quite hard to accept how cold Lake Elmo can get during the winter since the summers are so gorgeous, but while looking over at Lake Phalen completely frozen over is stunning, what’s not so attractive is frozen pipes and issues with your plumbing system.

You might only need a leaky tap fixed, but sometimes the cold weather might cause problems that actually necessitate an entire system remodeling – either way, our professional plumbing services at Hurlburt have been fixing issues like this and everything in between for 65+ years in Lake Elmo, so regardless of how severe your problem is, just give us a call at (715) 317-5648 and one of our local experts can come over handle it.

When Should I Get New Plumbing Installed?

The majority of plumbing systems can typically last up to 50 years before you need to think about replacing them, but if you own one of the many historic houses in Lake Elmo that has pipes made of materials like galvanized steel or even clay, you’re at a far higher risk of them bursting since they’re way less durable than modern materials – brass or cast iron, for instance, which are typically the norm nowadays.

This is because they’re more prone to issues like corrosion or rust, but even modern plumbing systems made of more durable materials aren’t safe since it gets so icey during winter in Lake Elmo.

Because of this, Lake Elmo, and Minnesota in general for that matter, generally experiences plumbing issues that you’ll see far less commonly in states that don’t have such extreme climate changes – like Texas or Florida, for example – so we’d recommend scheduling regular maintenance check ups to give yourself peace of mind knowing that your pipes aren’t on the verge of bursting and requiring an entirely new plumbing system to be fitted.

Chances are, you might only need some simple fix like our drain cleaning services, but if it does happen to be something a lot more precarious, one of our HVAC and plumbing experts will be able to spot it and prevent it from developing into a much more expensive and messy problem.

Advantages of Plumbing Maintenance

Unfortunately, you might not be able to avoid shelling out on an entirely new plumbing system if they’ve been seriously damaged, but regular maintenance massively reduces your odds of needing this sort of solution.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:


Why You Might Need Our Plumbing Repair Services: Common Issues

When it’s something as simple as a faulty faucet washer, you probably don’t need go all out and hire someone since you might be able to fix it by yourself, but unfortunately, plumbing emergencies like pipe bursts are only going to get worse if you don’t quickly seek out professionals like Hurlburt to prevent any further damage.

What’s more, Lake Elmo is relatively unique in Minnesota in terms of the specific challenges that come with its location and climate, so you’ll possibly run into a few issues that aren’t so common in the rest of the state – the most common ones our plumbers see while performing their maintenance checks are:


Get Your Plumbing Checked Today

Before we actually start with any of our maintenance or repair services, one of our local plumbing experts will come round so they can perform a proper inspection of your plumbing systems – that way you gauge whether our services will fit within your budget before you make any sort of commitment. Furthermore, all of the repairs that we need to make will come with a warranty at no extra cost so that you’re fully protected in the rare event that you run into any other problems in the future. We don’t particularly expect you to need our plumbing repair services again, but given how much more prone Lake Elmo is to plumbing issues, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have this sort of guarantee – whether you need simple water treatment solutions or something a bit more complex that involves your sump pump system.

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