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Plumbing Services Cottage Grove, MN

Keeping your plumbing system running smoothly can be tricky in extreme weathers, especially when temperatures drop as low as 10℉. For residents of Cottage Grove, issues like frozen pipes are common during the colder months, which often last right up until March. Finding trusted plumbing services is therefore a necessity in this suburb south of Saint Paul.

Hurlburt is a local HVAC company committed to finding the most cost-effective solutions for all of your plumbing needs. Our skilled technicians understand the problems that the freezing Minnesota climate presents, so we’re here to help with reliable plumbing repair and maintenance services.

We’re proud to be the leading company for heating and AC in Minnesota, with more than 250,00 successful jobs in our 60+ years of operation. Trust us to keep your plumbing systems running smoothly this winter, whether your tap frequently leaks or your boiler breaks unexpectedly.

When Should I Install a New Plumbing System?

Most of the plumbing systems we see in Cottage Grove are made from durable materials like brass, cast iron, copper, or polyvinyl chloride. While these are built to work for up to 50 years, older systems containing galvanized steel are prone to rust and corrosion, so don’t generally last as long.                                                                                                     


Hurlburt’s trusted technicians can take a look at your plumbing and spot any issues that may be shortening its lifespan, such as oil buildup or blocked pipes, which we’ll then try our best to solve with a few simple repairs. However, even the strongest systems are sometimes vulnerable to problems that can’t be fixed, especially given the freezing temperatures we face here during the winter.


Besides age, here are some of the other key reasons that we may recommend installing a completely new plumbing system:

High Water and Energy Bills

Taps that drip constantly or leaking toilets can cause you to waste gallons of  water every week. Inefficient heating also adds to your home’s overall energy consumption, so we may suggest a replacement if your bills are slowly creeping up in cost each month.

Frequent Leaks

Plumbing putty is usually our go-to solution when it comes to repairing leaks. However, this simply won’t cut it for pipes that have a gaping hole or are seriously corroded, and could leave your home open to significant water damage. 

Extensive Mold Growth

That foul odor coming from your pipes may point to the growth of black mold, which can be seriously dangerous to the health of your family. Excess moisture from leaking pipes creates the ideal conditions for damp and mold, so a complete fixture replacement may be best to prevent any serious (and really expensive!) structural damage to your home’s wooden timbers. 

Water Discoloration

Most of our drinking water in Cottage Grove comes from aquifers beneath the land’s surface, which passes through engineered treatment systems before entering your home.

Sometimes, though, water contamination is out of the city’s control, especially if your pipes are starting to rust. Replacing the entire system provides peace of mind that your water is free from bacteria and harmful chemicals like iron oxide.

Key Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

Coming home to frozen pipes is the last thing you need, especially after a walk along the banks of the Mississippi River. Having no heating or hot water makes it difficult to stay warm in freezing temperatures, and can also cost thousands of dollars in emergency repairs.


Investing in regular maintenance before those cold winter months allows us to check your taps, toilets, sump pumps, faucets, and boiler for any leaks or blockages. This proactive approach therefore means that you can tackle those small plumbing issues before they progress into bigger (and much more expensive!) repairs.


Plus, eliminating any weak spots in your pipes with regular maintenance will help the entire system run more efficiently, meaning you’ll spend significantly less on repair and energy bills in the future.

Minnesota’s Most Common Plumbing Problems 

While it may save you a few dollars, try to resist the urge to dive straight into the system when a plumbing emergency strikes. Messing with live wires and utility lines when you’re not sure exactly what to look for can simply worsen the problem at hand, not to mention be potentially life-threatening. 


That’s why we’d always recommend calling a HVAC professional if your boiler is on the blink or you’ve noticed a strange smell coming from the depths of your pipework. We’ve become used to fixing all kinds of plumbing problems during our 60 years of service, including these common issues in Cottage Grove homes and businesses:


Reliable Plumbing Services in Cottage Grove

Choosing a family-owned company like Hurlburt means that you’ll never have to face a plumbing emergency alone in the cold Cottage Grove climate. Check out our full  A/C services to see how regular repairs and maintenance can also help you stay cool during those scorching summer months.


With our expertise and commitment to your satisfaction, Hurlburt is the go-to company for ensuring indoor comfort and safety, no matter what the weather brings.

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