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The Holidays And Your Home Comfort

Keep The Air As Warm As The Mood

The holidays are full of the warmest memories of the year.  But they can also cause temperature fluctuations in your home that can affect your comfort, and your utility bills.  Here are some of the issues you’ll potentially face, and some solutions to help. If you have any questions or would like an in-home consultation, tailored to your specific needs, give us a call.

Stay in control of temperatures

Temperatures around the holidays aren’t always consistent.  Depending on the part of the country in which you live, the beginning of the holiday season can fall right around the time that cool weather really turns into cold.  The holiday season can also mean fluctuating indoor temperatures, as days alternate between sunny and cloudy.

Automatic control

One of the best ways to stay in control of indoor temperatures is with an auto-switching thermostat. With the ability to switch back and forth between heating and cooling as needed, auto-switching means you no longer have to head to the thermostat every time the weather shifts.

Another smart idea

The iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat’s Perfect Temp feature lets you set one temperature, one time, which the system will then maintain for you all year long.  So hot weather or cold, rain or shine, you have the exact temperature you want, every day of the year.

Save on energy costs all season long

Depending on where you live, a gas furnace may be used to keep your home warm during the holiday season. However, in much of the country, natural gas costs more than electricity. Hurlburt can perform a detailed analysis for you, to determine which would be the best value to heat your home.

Dual-fuel savings

To help save energy, consider investing in a dual-fuel system, which combines a heat pump with a gas furnace. In warm weather, the heat pump performs the duties of an air conditioner, keeping your home cool. When the weather starts to turn colder, the heat pump switches to heating mode to provide warmth.

When the weather becomes too cold for the heat pump to operate effectively, the system will automatically switch to the gas furnace, then switch back and forth between gas and electricity as the temperature dictates. So you automatically use the most energy-efficient method to keep warm.

Saving while you’re away

When you travel during the holidays, you don’t want to spend money heating or even cooling an empty home.  That’s when thermostats like the iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat can really help save energy.

The iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat’s Smart Away™ Mode adapts to your life, including your holiday travels, automatically. Using your family’s smartphones, the iComfort S30 can detect when the home is occupied, and when everyone is away. When the home is empty, the iComfort S30 will reduce heating, cooling and energy use.

Controlling temperatures in a bustling home

The holidays frequently bring with them a lot of activity around the house.  While some relatives gather in the living room, others may be busy in the kitchen preparing food for large, festive meals. This can create drastic temperature differences from room to room, especially considering the heat generated by hard-working appliances and hard-working cooks!


A system that uses zoning, divides your home into up to four different areas, or zones, each with its own individual thermostat.  By opening and closing motorized dampers in the ductwork, a zoning system can redirect heating and cooling where they’re needed most.

So areas that are already warm don’t receive any additional heat when the furnace comes on.  And areas in the house that are colder will get the most heat to maintain comfort.  This makes sure everyone feels great, while also helping you save energy. Hurlburt Heating and Plumbing is Western Wisconsin’s premier zoning experts. We’ve designed and built systems from simple to the most sophisticated in the area.

Keeping guests comfortable

Zoning systems can also come in handy when it comes to unused rooms. For the most part, guest rooms don’t receive a lot of use during the year. But when relatives come to visit, their comfort is still important.

A zoning system allows you to save energy by supplying little or no heating and cooling to guest rooms most of the year, while still allowing you to provide plenty of comfort when family comes to visit.

Enjoy the view when the temperature drops

Whether it’s bright, beautiful fall foliage or gently falling snow, some of the year’s most beautiful landscapes happen during colder weather. Unfortunately, colder temperatures can make it difficult to keep your home comfortable, especially near windows. So while it’s true that closing the drapes can help hold in warm air and keep your home cozy, it often seems a shame to do so.

Instead, reinforce your windows for the cold. Insulate cracks and fill gaps with sealant to keep drafts out. Or consider covering the window with clear shrink-wrap insulation. By tightly stretching a layer of clear plastic over the window, you can preserve an insulating cushion of air without ruining the view.

Maintaining comfort when the temperature changes inside

Holiday parties are a wonderful way to bring all your loved ones together under one roof.  However, parties also mean that you’ll be opening and closing your front door repeatedly.

By bringing loved ones in through a door that’s further from the thermostat, you can help reduce the number of heating cycles your furnace will have to undergo through the festivities.

Enjoy your holiday season even more by using energy wisely, without sacrificing the comfort that you and your family deserve.

Hurlburt Heating and Plumbing is here, when you need us to help keep your holidays warm and worry free.

Source: Lennox Blog

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