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Give your cooling system a boost with a fan

A quick air conditioning tip that anyone can save money with is the maintenance of your cooling coil. The cooling coil is what cools down the air that is pumped into your home. If you remember to dust the cool coil there will be more service area that comes into contact with the cooling coil, so air getting pumped into your home has a better chance of getting cooled down. For more info about keeping your air conditioner efficient call the AC pros.

#‎EnergySavingsTips‬: Fans can also be used in conjunction with air conditioning to help reduce energy costs. The “wind chill” effect allows the air conditioner thermostat to be set slightly higher while maintaining the same degree of comfort for room occupants. For example, you can adjust the setting on your thermostat from 78° to 80° F and still keep the occupants comfortable. This increase of 2° F can result in a reduction of up to 10% in air conditioning energy use, and the cost of running the ceiling fan is minimal.

Most ceiling fans are also designed to be reversible for winter operation. In this mode, room air is pulled from floor level, circulated through the warmer air near the ceiling, and directed back down toward the floor level. This mode of operation allows the warmer ceiling air to be directed downward without blowing directly on the occupants.

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