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Are you letting our most abundant source of energy pass you by?

As March arrives, the cloudy and cold weather starts to give way to sunshine. Not only is the sun is a welcome sight, but it also provides welcome relief from high utility bills. And harnessing sunlight to save energy is easier than you think.

Solar makes more sense than ever.

Energy costs aren’t going down anytime soon(1). As utility bills continue to rise, solar energy makes more and more sense.  In fact, a solar energy system, like the SunSource® Home Energy System from Lennox, can substantially lower home energy costs, and a home’s carbon footprint, without sacrificing comfort.

Solar solutions are growing.

The past few years have shown that solar use is growing like never before.

Last year, 36% of all new electrical generation capacity was from solar energy.  In fact, there are now enough solar generating facilities in place to power nearly 4 million homes(2).  And it’s not just large-scale commercial solar facilities that are growing in number

In the third quarter of last year, a new solar installation was completed an average of every 3 minutes.  Installations in homes made up the majority of those projects, growing by 58% over the previous year.(3)

Lower prices, greater opportunity to save.

Solar energy is becoming more affordable every year.  Since 2010, the average price of a photovoltaic solar panel has dropped by 63%, while the price for a complete, installed system has dropped by more than 10%(4).

Lennox takes it one step further.

Lower solar system prices and higher energy prices seem like good enough reasons to install a solar energy system in your home.  But Lennox adds another powerful factor to the mix: simplicity. Because the SunSource Home Energy System makes solar integration incredibly smooth and seamless.

Automatic compatibility with exceptional equipment.

The best Lennox air conditioners and heat pumps include a special feature that can send your energy savings to a new level: automatic solar compatibility. By simply adding solar panels (which your Lennox dealer can arrange, or even install for you), your home heating and cooling system will use free energy from the sun to keep you comfortable.

These Lennox air conditioners and heat pumps are SunSource-ready from the factory:

Extra power always goes to good use.

Once your SunSource system is installed, your heating and cooling costs will go down.  But there’s another benefit you’re going to enjoy as well.  When your system isn’t running very hard, or there’s an abundant amount of sunlight, your SunSource system can power small electronics in other parts of your home.  For free.

So efficient, you can actually make money.

With a Lennox SunSource Home Energy System installed, your home becomes extremely energy-efficient. In fact, in some cases your SunSource system may create so much electricity, you may be able to sell unused power back to your utility company.

To see just how much money and energy you can save with a SunSource® Home Energy System, try out the Lennox® Solar Calculator here. Or call your local Lennox dealer for a free in-home consultation.

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