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Get Yearly AC Maintenance to Keep Your System Healthy

It’s late spring in Eau Claire, WI and the higher temperatures mean people are starting to turn on their air conditioning systems to cool down their homes and stay comfortable. When you move the thermostat from heat to cool and your air conditioning system fires right up; that means you’re golden right?

No so fast there.

Despite the fact your air conditioning system seems to be functioning correctly, it is still recommended that you have its annual ac maintenance done. There are many reasons why you should have your seasonal maintenance performed early on each year and we have provided an easy to follow list of the top reasons.

When I get a round to it.

Having seasonal ac tune-ups can easily avoid unexpected AC repair in the future. Just because your air conditioner is working right now doesn’t mean it’ll work at maximum efficiency and keep going all summer, especially as the temperatures creep up and it has to work harder to keep your home cool. Would you wait until your car broke down to get the oil checked? No you wouldn’t, so why wait for your air conditioning system to keel over before getting it inspected? Tune-ups cost way less than repairs or a complete air conditioning unit replacement.

I like to save money, lots of money…Tell me more.

Having a yearly air conditioner tune-up can help make your air conditioner up to 30% more efficient, which can lower your utility costs and save you money. And, higher energy efficiency doesn’t just save you money, it helps save the planet, and who doesn’t want to save the planet?

Your family’s health matters.

If your air conditioning system isn’t cleaned regularly and the right way, it may contribute to bacteria and virus-causing germs in your air, making the air you and your loved ones breathe hazardous for those with respiratory issues or weakened immune systems.

Don’t void that warranty.

Not having your yearly air conditioning maintenance can actually invalidate your air conditioner’s manufacturer warranty.  When you do need that air conditioning repair, you’ll be paying for new parts instead of utilizing that great warranty that came with your air conditioner. Get the most out of your warranty by making sure it stays valid as long as possible with AC system maintenance and tune-ups each year.

So AC maintenance and seasonal AC tune-ups save you money, save your health, save your air, and save you money…we said that, right? But, seriously, who doesn’t love to save money?

Hurlburt Heating, Cooling & Plumbing loves to save you money and right now with our spring promotion you can receive special pricing on a precision tune-up for your AC system. Call Hurlburt today to find out about our great offers happening now in Eau Claire, WI and to schedule your AC system tune-up.

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