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Maintenance Plans

Comfort & Savings – An Investment You Can Take Comfort In

As your local heating and cooling experts, we know how important your comfort is to you and who doesn’t like to save. We also know periodic maintenance by skilled Hurlburt professionals can help your system last longer, help cut your utility bills, and help keep your system running when you really need it.

We recommend our money saving and convenient Comfort & Savings program of scheduled maintenance, based on a written agreement between Hurlburt and you.

By keeping your system well-tuned and running at peak efficiency, Hurlburt’s Comfort & Savings program can reduce your heating and cooling bills dramatically. We can often prevent breakdowns or major repairs with a simple adjustment and routine furnace and air conditioner cleaning. If your system does need repair, you can count on your Hurlburt pro for an honest report and an accurate estimate. With our upfront pricing and easy to understand estimates, you’ll know the repair costs before we begin. No surprises!

Hurlburt’s Comfort & Savings program cost less than you might think. If there’s ever a problem with your equipment, don’t worry. As a program member you receive the following benefits.

Maintenance Plan Benefits Include

  • Priority Status whenever you require service
  • Holiday and after hours emergency service available
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • Automatic renewal
  • Extended service life and maximum furnace and air conditioner efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Peace of mind
  • Repairs carry a full one year warranty
  • Maintains manufacturer warranty (annual maintenance is required by all equipment manufacturers)

Best of all, with the Comfort & Savings program, we keep track of when your heating and cooling equipment needs attention. Just like an oil change and tire rotation keeps your vehicle in top operating order, routine system maintenance keeps your furnace and air conditioner running at its peak efficiency. Studies have proven that annual maintenance will add years to your furnace and air conditioning systems life. This is a set and forget it service program, we’ll contact you each year to setup a time that fits your schedule so that we can perform the routine maintenance. It’s one less thing to worry about.

General Services

  • Check / Replace filter: 1" included for all services
  • Check thermostat & replace battery as needed
  • Inspect blower components
  • Check airflow for proper efficiency
  • Check safety controls
  • Check and clean condensate drain
  • Visual inspection of Ductwork

General & Air Conditioning services

  • Inspect and clean outdoor condenser coil
  • Inspect contactor
  • Check start and run capacitors
  • Measure temperature drop across the coil
  • Inspect primary and secondary drains
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Check compressor amps and volts

General & Air Heat Pump services

  • Air conditioner services plus:
  • Test defrost cycle operation
  • Test reversing valve operation
  • Test emergency heat operation

General & Geothermal services

  • Check capacitor
  • Inspect contractor
  • Check compressor amps and volts
  • Check suction/discharge, superheat
  • Check loop pressure and pump operation
  • Check heat of extraction and rejection
  • Check indoor temperature entering and leaving

General & Gas Heat services

  • Inspect burners and clean
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check heat exchanger for defects
  • Inspect pilot operations
  • Check flue for proper vent operations
  • Check ignition sequence, heat anticipator, high limit
  • Check for gas leaks at the furnace
  • Measure temperature rise through furnace
  • Oil blower motor (where necessaru)

General & Boiler Heat services

  • Gas heat services plus:
  • Check pump operation
  • Check flue damper and flue
  • Check roll out switch, line setting and pressure tank
  • Check water pressure
  • Check water temperature

General & Oil Heat services

  • Same as gas heat or boiler services plus:
  • Replace oil nozzle
  • Inspect burner heat exchanger for defects
  • Check ignitor and transformer connections
  • Oil burner motor
  • Check draw on flue


  • Annual safety inspection with comprehensive maintenance
  • 5 year labor warranty on repairs
  • 5 year replacement part warranty
  • No diagnostic charge
  • 20% discount on repairs
  • NEVER an overtime charge
  • No breakdown guarantee
  • Annual replacement of capacitor and contractor
  • Full air filter service
  • 100% of membership fees applied to replacement system (up to $1500)


  • Annual safety inspection with routine maintenance
  • 2 year labor warranty on repairs
  • 2 year replacement part warranty
  • 50% discount on diagnostic charge
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • NEVER an overtime charge
  • 100% of membership fees applied to replacement system (up to $1000)


  • Annual safety inspection
  • 90 day labor warranty on repairs
  • 1 year replacement part warranty
  • 15% discount of repairs
  • 100% of membership fees applied to replacement system (up to $750)


  • Full air filter service includes 4-1" or 2" thick (MERV 8) filters per year; All other filters are available at an additional cost (20% off of regular price).
  • Replacement part warranty applies to parts replaced while the equipment is covered by a Comfort Club plan and the plas has been renewed consecutively. The current plan in effect will determine the length of coverage.
  • Labor warranty applies to the labor for any parts replaced while the equipment is covered by a Comfort Club plan & the plan has been renewed consecutively. The current plan in effect will determine the length of coverage.
  • No breakdown guarantee; if covered equipment breaks down we will credit $100 towards the cost of our repair.
  • All equipment enrolled in the Comfort Club must be enrolled in the same service level package.
  • IAQ equipment (humidifier, air exchanger, UV light, etc) is not covered by any Comfort Club package level; service for these items will be a la carte.
  • Comfort club membership prices apply to residential customers only.